Friday, March 11, 2011

Timeless by Jenny Suk and Jason Chen


Yesterday I browsed around Youtube because of uploading my flashnews there. Needless to say, I always  go to my favourite video that is from Kelly Clarkson And Justin Guarini, Timeless. I really head over heels of this song and the video. 

After Kelly Clarkson singing this song, the Korean singer, Xiah JunSu sing it in the Korean version. Just then, there was 2 new singer, with a very talented voice singing this "Timeless" song. For me, thay are very talented with lush and beautiful voice. I don't know about you all. Ok, I put here the video and please give some comments about them. Do you like the song?

What do you think? Hikhik....


  1. Alaa... Xdapat la nak view sebab opis dah block...Hohohoho

  2. wah........
    bestnya layan drama korean atau apa2 di youtube..
    problem ngan lappy nie..belum selesai

  3. dulu layan korean...skang dah beranak pinak ni dah kureng minat lak...

  4. a very wonderful it too


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