Monday, April 11, 2011



"Yuni, I really piss off with this guy. He seems don't know and don't want to know his responsibility as my assistant!" Fida called me 8 am in this morning and this is her first sentences. I just listen to her heart woe's for half and hour and now I knew the whole story. It is all about responsibility. I don't know about that guy that she's talking about but I know the root of the problem. Responsibility. That guy don't know to handle his life between his love life and his work. 

Well, I don't want to judge anyone here. Everyone has their own commitment but please think the priority first. Everyone has their own love life but for me, everything must be stabilize. I really agree with Fida when she said that she also as busy as a bee as she has to take care of her son and daughter but still, she can manage her work but that guy is always with his love and actually his girlfriend is kind of always whining to him about their leisure time together. Hm, what is love when you always argue with your partner every time? Please give me some comment.......


  1. lelaki mmg tak pandai tau bab bab multitasking ni..he.he

  2. hai...dtg jalan² dari blog BA :)

  3. Shafiq is smiling... hmmmmmm...

    Love is most important thing in our life. without it nothing can be done. so, first priority is love your job. Give everything to it..

    Love to girlfriend is the least important one.

  4. Love is understanding. Believe me ! Especially when it come to marriage life. UNDERSTANDING is one powerful word that must be understand and practise completely !

    P/S : Canteknye layout dier .. Lama tak dtg, dah lain bebenor ghuper blog si dak Ayuni ni .. Suka laaa .. Lagi kemas dan cun ! ^_^

  5. sbb x pandai dlm multitasking nie sbb kitaorg suka yg simple..

    Entri paling hot :
    Nuffnang pandang serius pada entri "Rahsia Terbongkar Nuffnang"

  6. agree with sis ina..lelaki xramai yg bole buat bnyk kerja satu masa tp dorg bole cncentrate lebih dr pompuan..huuu

    stiap org kena thu tnggjwb la kn:)

  7. lebih bnyk kepada yg dah berkeluarga,hehe..niesz xde experience lg..

  8. lebih baik dengar dari dua dua pihak.

    takut tersalah sangka.

  9. salam,

    setuju dgn ina, spttnya lelaki pandai bab multitasking klu tak, mereka tak dbenarkan kawen ramai.


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