Friday, June 10, 2011

The best of Friday....


Alhamdullilah, all of the men in the office going to the "JUmaat " prayer. I'm still here. Hikhik, right now, I want to tell you all about one of my favourite drinks. This is:

Hikhik, I would go around Pertama Complex, Maju Junction and Sogo just to find my beloved Milo Sejuk! Why it is like so chronic? It's all because of this marvellous drinks is easy to prepare. I just have to pour cold water and Milo into it. Hikhik, crazy, right? What about you all?


  1. yup..easy..just pour some cold water..and walla! :D

  2. milo ais satu..hihihi

    hai member blogku..tq sudi terjah blog dh update entry ni..jom jengok..

  3. sy suka milo jugak.. sjak kecik... hehe..


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