Friday, June 10, 2011

I choose to be happy.......

Assalamualaikum dearie blog and my readers,

Happy, that is one word  that is so abstract. It is not easy to explain it because every and each individual have their own point of view about the meaning.

Happy for me is so simple, as long as I remember Allah, my family and the closest to me. Everyday I start my life with grateful to Allah because Allah is my everything. Eventhough sometimes I can't pray, I know thAt Allah will always be by my side.

I happy because I'm chosen to be one of the trainees in Al Hijrah media corporation or TV Al Hijrah. Everyday, in front of me there are many new dimension of my life. I'm happy, I'm happy, Ya Allah......


  1. me too...i choose to be happy....btw congratz on al hijrah

  2. wah..
    bestnyew dapat jadi trainee kat sana...

  3. That's it!Choose to be happy is a great attitude of human being.Always remember and grateful to Allah is a wonderful feeling for me too.

  4. Always happy and grateful in our life is one of the important aspect to maintain a healthy mind and body. :-)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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