Friday, August 12, 2011

Handsome man in black jacket.....


Nearly 4 pm in the afternoon. I still typing my work. Lots of thing to be done. Just then, I'm thinking about a mysterious guy in the LRT.

This morning, as usual, I hop into the LRT and  I felt like someone was watching me from afar. A guy in black jacket. His black eyeglasses makes me wondering, "are you nuts, we're not under the sun!". I don't know who is that look-like-handsome guy.

After a few minutes, that guy smiled at me. I thought that he smiled at the free hair girl next to me. It is so impossible that a drop dead gorgeous guy will smile at me especially in the middle of KL. Hikhik, maybe I'm dreaming, I told myself.

He stand, walking towards me and put off his black eyeglasses. Ya Allah, someone from the past! Everything flash so fast. "Ayuni, do you remember me?" he asked......

Amir.....I still remember....I won't forget.....Amir Muhaizam Rifqi......


  1. cinta mula berputik. ehhhh hahaha

  2. dub dab dub dab.. adakah adasejarah silam yg mengamit pertemuan ini..?

  3. Your ex? Ex-classmate? Can't be your ex-bf coz you'll surely recognise him. :-)

    Terbaru dari Logokoko:

    [U] Budi yang baik dihukum jua

    [U] Dengki

    [U] Jualan murah yang lebih mahal!


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