Monday, August 15, 2011

Five Makeup No - Nos

1. The Char Kway Teow Mouth
When used properly lipgloss is very sexy. It's so much easier to use lipgloss than to put on lipstick. But too much lipgloss will leave you looking like you just had a whole plate of greasy char kway teow and forgot to wipe your mouth after.

The trick to perfect lipglossed lips is to dab a little on the center of your lips and it will eventually spread out to the rest of your mouth. 
2. The Raccoon Eyes
Asian ladies have this insecurity about their eyes being too small and they sometimes try to make them look bigger by using too much eyeliner. Some just go overboard and cover nearly the whole eyelid area with black or other dark coloured eyeshadow. Do that and you might end up looking like a raccoon. 

Eyeliner should be just that, a line. Not diamond, not oval, not triangle. Just a line. 
You can make your eyes bigger by using darker eyeshadow in proportion to the size of your eyelid. In general, your eyeshadow should not be applied higher than 1/3 the height from your eye to your brow. You're in trouble if it is more than 1/2 the height.
3. The Chinese Opera Brows
Perfecting your eyebrows is vital in making you look beautiful and fresh. Any makeup application is incomplete if you do not groom your eyebrows. Common eyebrow mistakes that some of us make are drawing brows that are too thin, too thick, both eyebrows uneven, or eyebrows that look too drawn on.

Some eyebrow pencils are just too soft for drawing your eyebrows, resulting in very unnatural looking eyebrows. Use eyebrow powder as this would give you more natural result.
Apply eyebrow powder with an angled brush using light feathery strokes. For a more natural look, fill in only the blank spots.
Proper blending for a shadowy effect
4. Unblended Harsh Lines
Eyeshadow is called eye 'shadow' precisely because it is supposed to look shadowy with no harsh demarcation lines. Most of us have not even heard of blending brush, let alone know how to blend the colours properly.

A blending brush is a lifesaver! No eye makeup should be done without a blending brush. After applying eyeshadow, use a clean blending brush (that is, one without any colour) to sweep across the demarcation lines. There you go, nicely blended eyeshadow that look soft and beautiful!
Don't overdo the blending though, you might end up with raccoon eyes described above.
Disco '80s?
5. '80s Party Eyes
Some ladies go crazy with shimmery and glittery eyeshadows simply because these items look nice. Yes, they are pretty, but do use these beautiful colours in moderation because not only do they make you look like you're attending an '80s party, shimmers tend to make Asian eyes look puffy too!

Pair them with a matte dark colour to create depth to eye area by applying them to the outer eye area.


  1. Good tips for the make up-lover- girls.. But not for you. I think you better off without make up. :-) Looks natural. :-)

  2. tapi better kalai cuma kenakan bedak jer kat muka. rasa lagi comel dari bermake-up bagai2..

  3. i've been putting less makeups nowadays...bliss!

  4. nak makeup macam dlm gambar jugak la..


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