Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Simple concept....


I've been inspired by nature. Hikhik, everything that happens lately made me think and ponder. Sometimes, I smile because it is funny in its own way.

Ok, I was on the way back home yesterday after a tiring day when I saw a couple. The boyfriend seem so excited and intoxicated when he was with his girlfriend. His eyes was glued to his girlfriend bosom. Actually, what can I say, the bosom is not so clearly be seen but because of that girl wearing a fashionable scarf which is not covering her bosom, her boyfriend get a free show!

I smiled. Hm, pity her, she realized that her boyfriend was looking at her bosom and try to cover them but useless. It is a simple concept, if you don't want people to take a peep at your sensitive zone, please wear something that can cover it. If you wear the scarf that can't cover your sensitive part, don't think that people can't see it, of course people will see it, crystal clear! I'm not talking in a theology way but I'm looking at the logicality of it. If you don't want people to see something that you own, please don't show it, if you show it, of course people will know about it!

Think about this concept carefully.....


  1. Agreed! If you girls don't want boys to see your sensitive zone, please cover it properly. :-)

  2. yup..we must cover our aurah properly..

  3. salam ayuni,
    its ok...next time boleh join lagi ok...

  4. errr,,..kalau x nak cover pun bf tak kisah. :p

  5. yup! simple concept,but some people are just so proud to show what they have..huhu

  6. hi hi...but do they realise??..or juz wat bodoh....


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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