Monday, August 22, 2011

Thinking about life.....


My dear blog,

Today I saw a guy....hikhik, I'm not gone to write that way. Eww, in the sense of desperate girl searching for love.
Actually, I've read one of my friend's blog. She elaborate everything about her past and present. Hm, quite interesting. I think that her life is somehow 60% like my life. Why? She is my ex roommate. We used to be close until now. She taught me a lot about being beautiful and be myself but indeed, she is the beautiful one.

She has a sense of fashion and style especially in the Muslimah way. i don't care what people said about her because I know her true colors. 

Dear Zaara, you are wonderful in your own way. I support that you want to wear Pashmina shawl but please don't wear niqab. I don't know why but you are beautiful inside and outside, dear Zaara Sophea Hayat.....


  1. Akak...
    Terharunyerr =(

    ..kite bese2 je kak..byk kelemahan..byk yg kite lalai
    Thanks sbb akak byk support kite xkire dlm ape pun..

    kite doakan akak bahagia dunia akhirat & berjaya dlm apa pun impian akak..thanks akak ..=)

  2. Appreciate the friends that we know inside and outside. :-) Lucky you!


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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