Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Syawal is coming, thank you TV Al Hijrah....


I'm writing in a very sad mood. Tomorrow is my last day at TV Al Hijrah. Since I'm here, I've attended 3 press conference! At least I got something from here.

I want to tell you all about today press conference. At last, I have my own collection of artist album. Actually, I'm too excited when with Eira Syazira, Amalina Faisal, Syafiq Zulakifli and others. Hikhik, I will put my picture with them tomorrow!.....got to go, have to break my fast at PWTC with Miss Norazlyzan, MR Sofwan and Mr Shamsul....I will miss you guys....


  1. ingatkan sedih pasal apa..rupanya dalam kesedihan tu ada kegembiraan.. :)

  2. nnt klau jmpe eira syazira lg, kim salam kat dia yer..hehe

    mai singgah..
    Rayaku, Birthdayku, Merdekaku dlm satu


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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