Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Rich Blogger: Fact or Fiction?"


According to Oxford Dictionary in the, blog, in the noun context is a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis (I have to copy this from the website as not to change the real academic meaning of it).  So, the person who is active in blogging, which is the writer of the blog is someone that having a personal website or webpage on which an individual records opinions and etc.

Furthermore, in this tech savvy world right now, bloggers are synonym with popularity, the gainers of money from the blog. The question is why? Yes, when we are blogging, blog is one of the ways to promote something as lots of people nowadays like to surf the internet in order to get information and many more. It is not a weird situation right now if people are buying from the internet.

Names like Ben Ashaari, the famous blogger on the move and everyone knows him. Whether they are rich or not, I don’t want to state here but rich blogger is kind of matter of fact versus fiction. It is all depend on the intuition of that blogger whether they want to get rich via blogging or not. It is fact for Red Mummy because she’s having a very genius plan in business using blogs but it is just a fiction to the bloggers that using blog to pour out their ideas like me.

Eventually, in my opinion, rich blogger doesn’t exist as the truth is that blogger is the mastermind of the business (the business of selling their ideas through the right kind of media), so it is goes back to the fiction. So, Mr Eqbalzack, I’m sorry if this essays is some kind of formal and serious like the academic writing but I’m taking this contest as a platform for me to write, not because to win the prizes.

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