Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Positive vs negative...


"Owh, I'm in the depth of despair" she said, looking at the guy in front of her. "Yeah, same as usual, you always in the side of the agony" mockingly, he smirked.
Negative, right? Well, this is one of the dialogue that come to my mind when I'm reading a novel. I don't know why all of these negative sentences lurking in my brain. Duh, what a negative thought....

So, I listed some of the negative words that I come across every time I read novels... 


demoralized   demotivated   dependent   depleted   depraved   depressed   deprived  deserted   deserving of pain/punishment   desolate   despair   despairing   desperate   despicable   despised  destroyed destructive
detached   detest detestable detested devalued devastated deviant devoid 

Generous Genius Gentle
Giggle Glamorous Glitter Glorious
Glowing Go-ahead Golden Goodness
Gorgeous Graceful Grand Great
Guaranteed Happy Healthy Heartwarming
Heavenly Ideal Immaculate Impressive
Incredible Inspire Instant Interesting
Invigorating Invincible Inviting Irresistible
Jewel Joy Juicy Keenest
Kind Kissable K.O. Know-how
Leads Legend Leisure Light
Lingering Logical Longest Lovely
Lucky Luscious     

PS: So, how about "Enigma in my heart, crying in woes?.....


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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