Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Positive words....


Yes, I'm collecting positive words. I'm truly  so excited in collecting positive words.....

Select Sensitive Sensational Serene
Service Sexy Shapely Share
Sheer Shy Silent Silver
Simple Singular Sizzling Skilful
Slick Smashing Smiles Solar
Smooth Soft Sound Sparkling
Special Spectacular Speed Spicy
Splendid Spice Spotless Spruce
Star Strong Stunning Stylish
Subtle Success Succulent Sun
Superb Superlative Supersonic Supreme
Sure Sweet Swell Symphony
Tan Tangy Tasty Tempting
Terrific Thoroughbred Thrilling Thriving
Timeless Tingle Tiny Top


  1. Ayuni,you are simply stunning sparkling girl and not to mention selectively splendid shapely girl.. ;-)

  2. thanks for the food word...
    i read all of it... =)

  3. selalu2 lah pergi ke pejabat asrama utk menambahkan lagi ikatan kemesraan dgn staf2 kat sana


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