Sunday, December 4, 2011

Writing styles......


I like to browse around the other blogs. Sometimes, reading other's can open my eyes about their perspectives especially in their life. Hm, these are 3 blogs that I found very interesting, unique in their own styles of writing. The bloggers are from Malaysia and other countries too. issue to be debated right? now on, there's many newbie that venture in blogspot which is tend to have some fun or maybe get serious in running the sale on their's all up to you...yeah it's been like a mushroom after a rainy no wonders today I'm not going to buy newspaper as I know bloggers are pull out to attract peoples to read their entries...especially for those who bring up the info, recipes and something useful to guide our daily life...but there's a bunch of blogger do not know how the blog's function...

I was one of those kids (I’m sure you’ve known a few of us) who read our Complete Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales cover to cover until the book was in tatters. Among the hundreds of extraordinary—and, admittedly, some not-so-extraordinary—tales, however, the one about the girl who must endure great travails to free her six older brothers who have been turned into swans has always been one of my favorites, because it’s just so emotional, and the girl is so admirable. Happily, Juliet Marillier keeps my favorite aspects of the original fairy tale, and dresses it up in an astounding world of Irish historical culture and intricate political relationships.

Can you believe it's already December? Because I sure can't! There aren't as many books released this month which I'm excited to read because it seems like everything has been pushed to the beginning of 2012... 
In any case, here are this month's releases that I'm most looking forward to checking out! Once again, I've matched my Chapters/Indigo list. I usually pick ten novels, but this month, I've selected nine instead. If you'd like to know what other novels will be releasing this month, you can find more on my Upcoming Releases page as usual.

Well, I really mesmerized with their grammar and style of writing.....


  1. You have your own style, miss Ayuni.. :-)

  2. yap, their writing is quite good and so do you! hehe.

  3. berkunjung sob..salam blogger
    salam kenal dan sukses selalu ..:)

  4. 3 blog yang bagus untuk dijadikan blog reference kalo nak speaking omputeh.. termasuklah belog nih hehe :))


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