Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snail, isn't it?


Hye, I'm back....Duh, the snails invaded my life lately and I have to run away from it, hikhik. Hm, I know that you guys questions a lot about that snail. Well, the internet line is like the snail nowadays but I do miss to blog here.  I think that turtles much more faster than this snail alike broadband line. Anyway, I'm back!

Really miss your comments.....


  1. yeah same here.

    mine is moreeee snail-est! lol

  2. Ini sangat mudah untuk menemukan topik apapun di internet dibandingkan dengan buku, seperti yang saya sumber artikel ini di halaman web .

  3. Hahaha! Super funny! I also have this kind of broad band line. It's like a snail. I really agree on this post of you. It really reflects on my broadband line. I don't know why I still use this. Maybe because I don't have a choice. Lol! Looks like you're a very happy person huh? I want to read more of posts of happy posts like this.

    It's my first time to your blog and I was just linked by Love shore blog here. And I'm lucky to read that because that gave me the change to read your blog.

    I feel happy today (oh it's 5am in the morning here) because of your blog.

  4. Better u give the snails feed and some catalyst to spped up them.heeheh, salam singgah :)

  5. line kite pun macam siput -,-

  6. not broadband.. better call it narrowband.. heheh


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