Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The art of driving manual car......


Yes, manual car is my choice. I used to ride a lot with a simple motorcycle and it has a gear and the clutch. My experiences telling me that the simple motorcycle have the same concept with the manual car. Manual car consists of the gear, clutch, brake and the accelerator pedal. One of my friends tend to use a scooter and she said that she has difficulty when driving manual car because she is not familiar with the gear and the clutch.

In what point that I tell you all about this? I just want to say my opinion that when we are using manual car and the simple motorcycle, we have to be alert. Both of our hand and foot will be synchronized and active when driving manual car. Well, as I'm the right handed person, my right hand and the right feet always conquer my action but when driving, my left hand and the right foot have to be active in order to drive. So, driving manual car giving me opportunity to activate both of my God given hand and foot. 

In addition, my left hand will be on the steering and when I want to change the momentum, I have to execute the gear that is left foot down and right foot up. Thus, this action exercised my left foot and my left hand. I think that driving manual car is a challenge for me but I prefer to be alert and activate myself in order to drive manual car. 

Ps: I'm kind of will not answering my phone and texting when driving so I think that auto car is just only for the person who like to do that because they can text or using their phone when driving. Hm, wonder why the government give the new licence for the auto car's drivers? They can just drive the auto car but they can't drive the manual one but the manual car's driver can drive both, think about that.......

The dashboard

The manual car's gear


  1. salam ayuni.. akak pulak failed bila bawak keta manual.. klu bawak mmg tersengguk2.. padahal waktu test boleh pulak bawak.. teringat waktu en.asben ajar bawak keta dulu2.. mmg asyik tekankan pasal syncronized tu..

  2. Yup! Driving manual cars can help your hand and feet coordination very well. :-)

  3. Yup! Driving manual cars can help your hand and feet coordination very well. :-)

  4. agree... gear auto untuk mereka yang pemalas je... tapi amat seswai bila jalan sesakk..

    kalau gear manual lak memang spesel buat kaki lumba @ drift.. senang nak handle.. cuma bila kena sakit kaki @ gout tu je yang sukar.. ehehe

  5. manual car rasa macam gagah sikit, hehe :)

  6. Tunggu pertengahan tahunlah bila dah laksana auto baru ambik hehe ~larik :)

  7. orng muda2 mmg suka bwa manual, akak pun dulu suka bawa manual. Tp dah berumur sikit lebih prefer auto, sbb penat bila jalan jauh dan banyak jem pula. Auto lebih relax. Dah lah penat denga anak2, hal2 rumah, keje, kalau penat bawa kete lagi letih kan.

    Apa pun, masa belajar memandu lebih elok bawa manual, bawa kete manual lebih thrill kan, barulah best!...hehe

  8. suka manual jugak..:)

    nad kat bera dear..:)

  9. A genuine driver is one who can drive both manual and auto cars especially the manual one.

  10. bawak manual x bosan drpd bawak auto....cuma bwk auto rilek sket kan..

    klu sy,,dua2 x kisah..hehe..

  11. manual itu lebih macho bravo.. ahakz

  12. manual itu lebih macho bravo.. ahakz


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