Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beautiful pumps....


Lately, my friend, Amy is so crazy with pumps. Since she called me and promotes to me to buy pumps through online shopping, makes me wondering. I asked her "what is pumps, is it something that has relationship with liquid?" Oh, what a stupid question, isn't it? I'm quite blur. She laughed at me, "oh dear, you really doesn't know about fashion!". I sighed. Yes, I'm not totally into fashion as I wear what is proper and pumps? hm, weird.

Emmet joins the team of "let's laugh at Yuni that knows nuthin' about fashion!". Only Lela with her ladylike way told me that pumps is a kind of shoes and it is some kind like this:

beautiful, right?

or like this:

Hm, I think I want to buy one.....


  1. high heels membuatkn laki mcm zuan pendek.. huhu

  2. mustard colour! so santik! dapat pulak pakai dengan handbag kaler sama..walawehhh! :D

  3. Sy tau breast pump j. Freelance yg double. Ad yg single.


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