Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fear of driving?


"Ha ha, driving is the most easiest thing in the world!" one of my friends said. What an arrogant statement. Hm, I smile. Yes, it is true to him that driving is so easy like eating peanuts but I guess driving is some kind of adventure, to me. I don't want to offend anyone here but nowadays, lots of drivers tend to use auto than manual.

I would like to give my opinion that everyone can say and boasting around that driving is so easy if they are using auto's car. How about manual? Duh, the person that using auto car will agree as driving auto is so easy, even my 15 year old sister can drive the auto car! Same as using scooter, these machine doesn't have clutch and gear, so it is easy to control.  Alas, I salute all the drivers out there that is so capable of driving manual car. Truly  the true driver is the person that can drive manual cars!

How about you all?


  1. memang agak arrogant la statement tu. haha. coz driving is not easy for everyone actually. kalau drive auto tu mmg la senang. i agree on saying those people who can drive manual cars are true drivers! yeah.

  2. Though auto, one still need skills. And tht takes practice.

  3. I do love driving motorcycle. It's one of my favorite past time when I'm with my friends.

  4. I had great fear of driving the first 4 years after I got my driving licence. Every time I HAD to drive, I got so nerveous. however, since the year 2000, no more fear, alhamdulilah, I can drive manual and auto cars..even driving long distance(no intention to boast :)

  5. i'm a manual car driver.but for me, a true driver is someone who pays attention to his/her and other people's safety when they're behind the wheel, regardless of what type of car transmission they have. :)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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