Sunday, February 19, 2012

Liselle Moncherie.....


I stumbled upon this blog a few days ago.  At first, the template captured my heart. Even though the header is a simple cartoon, it is quite unique. When I browse around, Ya Allah, the words are so beautiful. It makes me wants to read all over again. I felt like this blog teaches me so much about the world of literature and unique phrases. 

The blogger is so genuinely playing with words. Until now, I always visits her blog. Dear friends, this blog is so awesome, it is weird when not so many people following this blog whereas the other blog are not unique but full with nonsense, this blog is out of ordinary! Please be kind to go to this blog and follow on your free will, it cost you nothing but a whole new world of English style of writing....

Ps: Please click at the banner in order to go to this awesome blog!


  1. OMG! Darling! That's very sweet of you to write about me.Your english is better than me,I only use simple english.hehe :) Thank you for this awesome post.I'll cherished this memory :D I'm so touched by this <3

  2. So true~!!

    I do love reading her entries~!! Liselle has a very unique way of spilling out the words from her mind. Her English is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than mine, hehe.. >_<

    have been following her, but only recenlt got to read her posts regularly coz of my busy schedule, huhu~.. T_T

    let's improve our English~!! ^_^

  3. Hmm Ayuni sweety, ur blogs also nice and awesome...I'll read then and follow you wherever you!

  4. Omegosh...I'm your follower with number 800!!?

  5. L akan lawat blog die.. huuu thx kenalkan..=)

    jom baca sekejap..=)

  6. u are totally right k.yuni. i already follow her blog..very nice..your blog to0...

  7. yup, couldnt agree with u more sis :D she does have 'the-touch' :D

    but i've just come to know her not long ago(A month or two is considered quite new no?)

    how i hope of knowing her earlier.


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