Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Searching for Malay English blogs.....


Words pictures everything. 1 word bring lots of meaning depending on the speaker. The intonation of the speaker plays a very huge roles in giving the expression of the meaning of the words. 

As blogs is one of the medium to use words, blogs can be a good place to gain our knowledge pertaining language and others. To tell you all the truth, I like to browse around, searching for an interesting blogs that is enjoyable to read especially in English. 

Today, I begin my browsing around into English's blogs. Well, I can say that there are lots of English blogs out there that been written by Malay or Malaysian bloggers. The uniqueness of their presentation of the words makes me yearn to know more. The manipulation of language in order to spread their opinion mesmerized me. Hm, Malaysian English bloggers are awesome!


  1. yup3...what you say is so true, hihi~... ^_^

    I like reading English blogs that are written by M'sians as well.. Yuni, do you any more English blogs? do lemme know ok?

    here are some that I know:
    1. yours ^_^
    2. Liselle
    3. Jay Joseph (http://charameltheater.blogspot.com/)
    4. Mr Clive (http://byclive.blogspot.com/)
    5. little dolphin (http://hanasudradjat.blogspot.com/)
    6. ilishaheera (http://ilishaheera.blogspot.com/)
    7. Pocket (http://mypocketnotyours.blogspot.com/)

  2. ermmm...
    mayb we should do some kinda club or something, ngehehehehheheehe.. XD

  3. Yup! Quite a variety of them. :-)

  4. the best part is when 'malaysia' is described in english. sometime it become so unique that u'd wanna read more.


    am luvin it here sis:D

  5. Yours are super nice :D !
    Yes Go Malay English Bloggers! :D

  6. few years ago, i write my blog in english but after that, i start using malay.. becoz.. think yourself =P

  7. Asalamualaikum, mine is written in english, is there any platform, clubs etc...for malaysian english blogger? if there is really do inform me as i would like to join them...take note on my blog really hope to work together in the future :)

  8. Hai! Searching for english blogs too.


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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