Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tribute to the late Kevin....


The meowing of the cats a few minutes ago reminded of my favorite cat at home, Kevin. Actually, there was a cat, a male cat. Its fur was so fluffy and I tend to hug him when I'm at home. All of my sisters love to play with Kevin as Kevin was easy to hug and so cute. But, Allah loves him more. A few weeks ago, I knew from my mom that Kevin died in an accident! My dad's driver accidentally hit him. When I knew about this, silly me, I cried a lot. Still crystal clear in my mind the affectionate, lovely cat playing around and eating a lot.

I know that I will never find a fluffy cat like Kevin again.....


  1. I'm very sorry to Kevin,He can meow in peace~ <3

  2. huhuhu..cian kevin.yang hidup pastikan pergi..jangan sedih2 ye dear :)..senyum skit...hihihi.

  3. sorry to know strong girl!
    okay? go n get a new one ya!

  4. alalala kesiannya kevin... huhu

    p/s: Ayuni ni serius lawa la... ekekeke.. (tukar topik lak.. ngee)

  5. I know how it feels to lose a cat..I cried like I lost somebody very dear to me last time.

  6. Sorry to hear that.. Hope he can rest in peace.

  7. Assalammualaikum ..

    So cuteeeee .. Tapi biasalah tu sis .. Kalau tak mati xcident, kalau dah sampai 'masanya', dia akan hilang macam tu jee .. Hmmm .. Tp dulu masa akak kecik2, kalau ada kucing akak yg mati n ada bangkainya, akak akan tanam dan siap buat batu nisan lagi .. hehehee ...

  8. awwww... I'm sori to hear about ur Kevin.. huhu~.. T_T


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