Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh, the voucher.....


As everyone in Malaysia knows,the higher institutions students already get RM 200 voucher. This voucher purposely to buy books and any stationery for their studies. Well, I got it a few weeks ago and you know what, what did I buy?

Ok, for the first RM 100, I burnt it for my leisure. I really crazy and adores English novels very much! I bought 3 English novels and just 1 Malay motivation book. What a bad girl, hikhik! Alas, I found a very interesting English grammar book and bought it on the spot! Dear our government, thank you very much, I really appreciate it and use the voucher for my studies....

The lucky grammar book that I grab!


  1. semua org boleh beli novel bagai..saya baucar buku boleh beli sebiji buku taxation harga RM160 ..zzzzzzzz

  2. that's good! something that benefits you.

  3. bagus dpt gk baucer tertinggal kat shah alam..skrg ada kt johor...dah x boleh nk shopping..hehe..


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