Thursday, February 9, 2012

The truth about sardine.....


Hye, I'm writing here just to ask something. This is all about the topic of sardine. I guess that everyone knows about sardine, right? The fish in the can. Usually, some of us will cook the sardine after ope it but some of us just eat it after opening the can. According to Wikipedia, sardine are several types of small, oily fish related to herrings, family Clupeidae.[1]Sardines are named after the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, around which they were once abundant.[2]

Lately, I read something about sardine. People spread the news and articles about negative effects  of eating sardine. As I'm one of the sardine fan, I want to know, is it true? Can you all give me the true facts?


  1. tak tau la..
    tak pernah plak baca pasal yg negetive
    tau makan jewk

  2. i dun want to know the truth.. bcoz.. i really love to eat them

  3. I like sardines too..have no idea about it also.

  4. byk dgr ttg sardin ni..
    but not sure whther tt rumors r true or not..huhu

  5. Sometimes this is my breakfast when I have no time to cook.

    I guess the preservatives make sardines a little bit bad for the health. Cooking it before eating would reduce its preservative content, I heard.

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Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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