Friday, February 10, 2012

The death of bridezilla!


I've finished reading this awesome book. My sister bought this book a year ago. Firstly, when I looked at the title, I thought that it will be a boring book again about thriller romance. Owh, about the cover, seems like wonderful with the cute caricature. Just then, I think that I better not judging the book before reading it. So, I read and Alhamdullilah, I don't want to stop reading it until the last line.

So, this is some of the summary:

After the collapse of her wedding-planning business, Caroline Tucker returns to her childhood New Mexico home, hoping to leaverecent troubles behind her. But then she agrees to help organize her cousin's wedding, and it's not long before her frustration levels with the hellish Barbara reach breaking point. Driving through a local beauty spot the morning of the wedding, Caroline is shocked to discover the tangled pink mess of Barbara's car, and even more so when she's arrested for her murder. Suddenly she finds herself face-to-face with Sheriff Travis Beaumont, the ruggedly handsome cop who also happens to be her ex-husband. Caroline had hoped she'd never see Travis again, but now she'll have to find a way of working closely with him to have any chance of proving her innocence

The author, Laurie Brown makes the plot of the story quite interesting with the touch of crime and love from family. The character of the heroine and the hero mix well with the plot and the protagonist is so mystery!   I want to suggest you guys to read it. Such a very interesting and good book!


  1. sounds interesting..i like this type of book!

  2. Salam, looks and sounds interesting.. :)

  3. An interesting storyline... :-)

  4. Thank you so much for following me on Blogger.

    Reading books is fun especially when you're enjoying reading it.

    You're right in what you said. We should not judge the book by its cover.

  5. L lemah seket baca bi2 nih.. huhu... kalau seket2 takper laaa...

    jom jenguk2 sebentar..=)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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