Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reading English books....


Lots of women love to read especially the romantic novel. This has been proven by the successful of "Ombak rindu", in the novel kind and also the movie way. That is the Malay version. How about English? 

Yes, English is not fun for some people. Some said that English is not our language and why did we have to learn it? I always find this sort of people. Even some of them mocking me when they knew that I like to read English books, in what ever genre. 

Yes, I'm Malay but is it WRONG for me and the others to learn other language than Malay? People will sneered when English issues been aroused but what if they learn Arabic? I do agree that Arabic is the language of Quran and I don't deny it but is it WRONG to learn other language and just to know our mother tongue? Please answer me.....


  1. Blaja tu x salah, karang org ckap omputeh ngan kita, klau x tahu langsung BI nak wat mcm mne, kan? Geleng kepala lah nnti.

  2. yeahh.. English is international languange.. we should to learn it ... hihihi

  3. tak salah

    tapi sy tk reti ckp bhs inggeris

    mmg failed

  4. recently try baca reader's digest.. nak fluent-kan BI :)

  5. well. knowing other languages is a great asset.

  6. Learning English is a good thing as long as we never forget to use our mother tongue. :-)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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