Friday, March 30, 2012

Books, books.....

I really have this bad habit. I know that for some people, it is not a bad habit but it getting worse. It seems like the library and the bookstores stick me with their glue! All of the motivation's  books and novels whispers to me " dear, please buy me, please read me" when I entered the world of knowledge. I do realized about this when I'm in standard 3, long long ago.....

On that time, it  started with a book written by Enid Blyton. I have already forgotten the title of the book but every time I went to the school library, I will stuck there for many hours until the school bell rang, means that the recess hour has ended. Then, I still remember one of primary school friends asked me what is so interesting about English story books? Owh, I don't remember what was my answer on that time.

As time goes by, Fear Street, RL Stine's horror kind of teen fiction was my choice. I won't eat if I can't finish reading the books in 4 hours! If you want to know more, click this. Hm, what to do.....


  1. Bookworm.. :-) Just stick to who you really are. :-)

  2. not the bad habit.. its good habit... love to read...

  3. Saya suka RL Stine Fear street gak dulu..ada lagi koleksi Fear Street tu kat umah..hehe~

  4. Enid Blyton and RL Stine
    are the best!
    Enid Blyton's imagination are beyond the limits <3

    RL Stein with his Goosebumps!! hehe
    It's a good habit!
    Some parents are dying
    to make their children to read

    I had a problem,which I read story books when the teacher was teaching
    in my primary school...she met my mother and told her that.It was embarrassing...XDD

  5. itu bukan bad habit dear,tapi amalan yang baik:)

    banyak membaca itu jambatan ilmu :)


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