Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh, books......

Borders Express in Times Square, KL

Look above! See! The place that always calling me when I go to Times Square. To tell you all the truth, when I'm there, I won't care about the other side of the world. I used to treat this book store as my "lepak" corner until my friend said to me " Yuni, tolonglah, aku pun nk shopping kat lain!". Hikhik, that is the weird me.

MPH Bookstores, Mid Valley Megamall, KL

Another "lepak" place. How I adore this bookstore as MPH is full with lots of motivational books and its branches are everywhere, the latest one I know that is in Mesra Mall, Kerteh.

This one is in Sunway Pyramid! Fida and Azam's favourite place!

The last one, I used to sneak into this book store when Fida is busy with her shopping in Body Shop! Hikhik, dear Fida, at last, I reveal to you where is my secret spot when you are blabbering about the newest make up and shoes! Sorry....


  1. They are like book heavens!!!
    Hewhew :3

  2. They are the best spots ever, but i would prefer Kinokuniya KLCC.. nicest view ever.,. from the top..hihu~

  3. Our (my girls and I) favourite spot too.

  4. i love going to the book stores!
    i can spend a rm1000 for books every month but would not spend more than rm100 for clothes!hahah XD

  5. nice blog yea..i like u site..


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