Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Celine Dion and her songs.....

I feel like I want to hear some songs. Digging the d directory and into songs files, I just pick whatever song that I've already saved and put it in Winamp. 

Owh, I come to memory lane when I heard this song " My heart will go on".  Hikhik, how I miss to hear that song. I do remember back when 1997, this song was a very huge hit because it is the soul of the movie "Titanic". I keep smiling. Everyone seems hysterical by that hunk, Leonardo Di Caprio. Well, I'm in that group too until that was the first time that I realized I'm not into something that everyone crazy about. I lost my "craziness" for Di Caprio guy because everyone said that he is their boyfriend, duh! 

Yes, Titanic was a good movie. I remember when some of my friends went to KL (that time I lived in Pahang) just to watch that movie! Hm, what do you think about Titanic? I guess that people don't know about it anymore.....

Ps: I remember " I jump you jump".....


  1. Di Caprio WAS handsome,ehehe
    I've got to admit,I did love him once XD hik hik.So far the movie is....quite okay

  2. Titanic was one of my fav movie :) I watched it several times without no sense of boring. All complete in one set,the actor/tress,the song. :)

  3. Wrong spelling kak should be Celine Dion..not Cline Dion...

    read this.

    best!.. thanks

  4. mmg suka sgt ngan movie ni dan lagunya.. psssttt... u jump i TAK jump... u jump la sorang2.. hahaha

  5. Mat pagi dear ..wahhh ni buat teringat time kecik2 ni .. time tu umur umi 10 tahun mcm tu .. haaa cita yang penuh romantis ..sob sob sob

  6. i like that song ...
    so touching but i only can swim at age 18.


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