Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some simple ways to improve our English......

I got a question from one of the GSF menbers, Miss Ayu. She Asked me:

Well, Sis, that is a very good question as I'm myself still in the process of improving myself!

So, hm, I can share with you all some of my tips in order to improve my English.


Yes, reading is the key here. I realized that reading everything in English makes my English improve much better. Don't care whether it is just a signboard in the middle of the town or the advertisements, I will read as long as it is in English. This is same goes with web surfing as lots of website are in English. In spite of that, I really LOVE to read English novels, don't care what genre, romance, thriller crime and so on. I still remember when I was in primary school years, I read a romance novel and brings along my little "Oxford" dictionary every where just for the sake to understand what I read.  So according to, "Read anything and everything in English. You can read story books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, comics, English textbooks, instructions and ingredients on food packages, advertisements, etc. For story books, don’t force yourself to read something too difficult or something you know you won’t enjoy. Make reading fun! Read books that you ENJOY reading"


Yes, dear, I'm blogging in English! This is one of my premier platform in improving my English writing skills. I blog anything that I want as long as in English. Motivation words is my first priority in blogging and try not to offend others in jotting down my ideas. I do agree that I'm not cool enough in grammar but I do try. I also  goes from one blog to the others in finding something new especially in English and coding. Well, HTML coding is in English! So, every day we are facing English but we don't realized it. I want to suggest one English blog that is by Mr Clive, his grammar and wording are awesome! 


Hm, this one depend on the situation. I'm an English major and of course has to speak English when in class and studying. Sometimes, I tend to speak English to my friends and sometimes not. Alas from speaking, singing English song also help me a lot. Hm, set fire to the rain.....let's search for the lyric and analyze it......

PS: These all depend on yourself, if you have already stated that English is not fun and difficult, it will be but if you are positive towards it, InsyaAllah you will get it......


  1. wahh.. kagum la...pndainya berbahasa inggeris...deqla paham..cuma x yakin nk ckp...entah la...

  2. betul2 sy setuju dgn ayuni. dlu sy blogging dlm bi tp skrg x la sbb nak improve bm.hahaha

  3. good tips..hehe~ :)

    nak komen dalam english jugaklah..hehe..

    during secondary school, i learn english by reading RL Stines books and Westlife songs..hehe~

    my tuition teacher once praised me and asked how i got to know this one word in my essay...which i got from westlife songs..huhu~~ :)

    but, i'm really poor in speaking... :(

  4. To me the easy way is listen to english song & watching any english movie. :)

  5. good tips dear,
    most of us can write well in English but a bit shy to speak up!

  6. tq dear...nice info really can help me improve in emglish..hehe..betul ke..bljr dh lama tp english ni still tak dapat catch abis2an..hehe..tyvm dear ;-)

  7. i can speak in english but little2 aje la...hehehehe....

  8. tip yg bagus... kagum dgn org yg pandai english ni...
    kalau bab speaking tu... memang sy tak berapa sangat...

  9. nice.saya ni lagi hampeh tau.sambung belajar pon kat japan.terus tinggal english tu.kadang2 bila speaking, tercampur skali ngan bahasa jepun.wuuuu

  10. Thank you for the tips.. :-)

  11. huhu...nak speking in english to improve but low self esteem cause of sorrounding envroment...

    got friend like ayuni ok gak,can la improve a bit kan? hihi

    (kucar kacir jadinye)

  12. tips yang berguna tapi kan xske english'

    tapi bace boleh la skit2

    nk ckp? errr

  13. useful tips. most of the time, I learn english by singing songs. I'll get the lyrics and go through it. Sometimes I watch a video with the lyrics. Watching movies can help us too. :)

  14. Very true!! my children pickup english through english songs, magazines and make friends with english speaking friends.

  15. ur blog was inspired me to read through out the blog...

  16. thanx for sharing dear :0

    salam kenal :)

  17. nice entry, nice sharing. good one.:)

  18. I prefer to use English when talking with my friends. So we can improve our English. Is it right?


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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