Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday blues......

Hikhik, Morning everyone! What a day. Oh, I've been waiting for this day. You know what, all working civilians love this day as they can have some rest at home or spend some time with their family. As a simple bachelorette, hikhik, I've planned so much for today.

Desperately, I want some fresh air without thinking about works. Ok, 5 days a week is quite full enough with  brain exercises. My brain is full with excess baggage cause my work is pilling up day by day. Thinking about it, positively, it is good for me as I love working life. Works all day, all week and then, 2 day I'm going to enjoy myself with my bachelors and bachelorettes friends. See ya!

Ps: I want to have a sneak peak at Sunway Pyramid and Paradigm Mall today. Then, accompany Azam and Emmet at Alamanda.....


  1. selamat beristirehat dan berhujung minggu dear :) take care tau :)

  2. Sian dia.Slamt beristirehat d ujung minggu..

  3. nur kerja ni, esok baru boleh rehat2.. :)
    apapun, selamat berehat buat ayuni.. :)

  4. Deqla berhujung minggu dgn 2 geng GSF...hihi.semlm dlm sejarah... ;-)


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