Thursday, June 27, 2013

My monologue.....

I don't know how many years ago I'm writing an educational essay. Browsing around other blogs makes me  realized that my working nature and my current situation chained me to be more workaholic. 

Last year, I used to go out with Emmet, Walique and Azam. Dear beloved friends, I'm so sorry for abandoning you all. I forget how many times did Azam And Walique blabbering me to be more humanly than surrounding myself with my works (actually this is what I feel when you guys are so workaholic last 3 years!). 

Last night, Emmet called me just to scold me. He said that I have  to keep chill, being easy with myself and take my job as one part of relaxing my mind as I'm seems swimming in a sea of working. You guys, when you read this, yes, I'm chilling myself with a cup of coffee and doing my job! How I love this job.....

Ps: Great salary comes with great responsibility.....


  1. Taw tak apa..tapi bila kerja yang kita dapat exceed kita punya JD dan gaji..rase caharem lak. Dan sekaligus melongkangkan mood serta motivation. BTW, nice background n remind me y baju raya tak beli lagi! alas..sibuk sungguh rase! -.-"

  2. pekerja berdedikasi ni...thumbs up :-)

  3. kadang tanpa kita sedari kita jadi workaholic kan sampai keluarga dan kawan2 terabai.hmmm

  4. workaholic tidak salah,yang penting bijak membahagikan masa :)

    btw sis, get clean water tu akk beli dengan harga rm368 dengan kak dayana bahar :)( GSF)


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