Tuesday, January 28, 2014


"Ayuni? huh, she's the only one who has expressionless face". I heard it! I heard it from far away! Hey Mr I, I do care less about my face. This is my face, ok, not yours. I can do whatever I want with my face.  Mr I and his ideology. Gossiping around even with the interns! Hell yeah, I still remember during my study years, one of my batch mate in UniSZA stated in her FB that I'm the most emotional girl. Because of her statement, I felt so down. That was so five minutes ago! Allah is great! 

Now, I'm working and quite famous with expressionless face. Some of them told me that I've no emotion. Guess what, the office environment really taught me well. Then, I do believe that the girl from my study years was nothing to me..... 


  1. hahaha..sabo je la kak.. yang penting kita tahu diri kita..:))

  2. Yeah you right.
    Don't bother about others.

  3. lama x jenguk ayuni sini..ayuni sihat?
    aah biarkan apa yg org lain kata, even hati kita sakit..at the end..pasti dtgnya hari membahagiakan kita
    moga ayuni sukses dlm kerjaya
    Jom berkongsi Ilmu Blogspot Blogger Malaysia

  4. Yes. Only those close with you know who you really are.


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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