Monday, September 8, 2014

My Secret Hotel!

Oh my, I really addicted to this drama, My Secret Hotel. I have lots of reasons why I'm like a paper stick by a glue when watching this awesome Korean drama. Some of us maybe tend to choose for the the actor or the actress starring in it. Eventually, I'm kind of liking the plot of this drama.

The mystery romantic comedy genre keeps me longing for more as this drama starring by Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han and Nam Goong Min. 

Ok, the plot come first and then the actors. Actually, I'm quite familliar with Yoo In Na as before this drama, she acted in Queen In Hyun's man. Her acting is quite good. 

Furthermore, I'm attracted to Jin Yi Han's character. Well, he is charming with a very husky voice. I'm keeping track of his drama's before such as Dr Jin, A new Leaf and The Master's Sun. Nam Goong Min is new to me and I'm still Googling more about him.

PS: Will come back with the plot....

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  1. tengok gak drama ni, best,sebab die ada elemen Hotel King+Emergency Couple hehe


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